ENTJ Personality type.
Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging.

ENTJs are the controlling and directing type. This may range from the fine approachh of a doting mother to the unreasonable strictness of a harsh teacher. NJs feel the need to make plans – with little outside prompting – and will carry them out to completion as often a possible. ENTJs will propose their plans as "larger than life" and make an event of planning an upcoming change in a business or anything of equally high standard.

ENTJs are natural-born salesmen and will make it hard for a customer to refuse. They are decisive and remain cool in the midst of conflict; due to this they make great managers and directors, as well as lawyers or anyone in a high-stress medical profession like paramedics or surgeons. They have no problem delegating tasks and will make sure everyone follows through with their job.

ENTJs are wholly left-brained as their analytical and controlling nature suggests. This personality type can take charge in a tough situation, but they may also be overbearing with people who don't know them or don't understand their approach. ENTJs hold strong convictions and their they view their opinions as correct above other's – they simply know best. They have a natural tendency toward debating and enjoy a good argument, as long as they turn out the winner. Over time ENTJs will learn to exercise restraint over their controlling nature, sometimes just for the pure sake of keeping friendships out of heated arguments.

ENTJs have a good sense of the real, which adds to their ability to efficiently delegate tasks to people. They know their power and use it wisely, controlling where the job calls for it. Most ENTJs also have a strong perception of the here and now, and are very sensible in their decisions and view of the world. ENTJs are not confounded with the Feeling aspect that so many other types have, which enables them to make quick, brisk decisions at a moment's notice; a good trait for a leader. The left-brain dominance of this type makes it one of the most analytical, yet also one of the most "sensible" in terms of someone to lead a business or corporation; devoid of the confusion of unrestrained emotion.

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